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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Writing for interactivity

Terry Borst: Three Cheers for eTV >>
Enhanced television offers instant gratification to writers and viewers.(From the December 2005 issue of "Written By")
...in the future we might redefine screenwriting as something more immediate, far more of a real-time performance, akin to what an orchestra conductor does. Staff writers for Goldpocket Interactive programming already offer us a glimpse into this evolution, collaborating with networks and production companies to create “enhanced” television (eTV) programming.
Jack Feldstein, Interactive Scriptwriting Part 1 >>
Interactive scriptwriting (storytelling) is new and exciting. It's also challenging because not only does the writer have to write a good script - no easy feat - but it must also be interactively compelling.

Paul Saffo, Consumers and Interactive New Media: A Hierarchy of Desires >>
From the 1993 Ten-Year Forecast,Institute for the Future (c. December 1992)


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