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Thursday, April 20, 2006

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Mesh #19 Global/ Regional Perspectives

Experimenta’s annual media arts journal (online) will be launched on the Experimenta website in September 2006.

MESH #19 will be an online issue providing a global overview of contemporary media arts practice and the creative application of new technological developments through articles that focus on local practice in specific regions. This issue will focus on the critical, aesthetic and technological aspects related to screen culture and media arts practice, balancing the conceptual issues facing media arts culture with the social/cultural, economic and political contexts in which the practices exist.

Articles are sought from curators, artists, academics, media commentators and theorists about practices in the following regions:
• West & East Europe
• Africa
• Middle East
• Asia Pacific
• The Americas

• maximum word length: 2000 words;
• the article should use plain language as it is for a general readership;
• the article must cite at least 3 recent media artworks;
• images with copyright clearance are to be sourced by the author.

Deadline: Friday 5 May 2006 for the submission of 100 word abstracts

An honorarium is available. Academics are eligible to have their paper refereed.

For examples of previous online and printed issues of MESH, please visit: www.experimenta.org

Detailed brief
We are seeking to publish articles on contemporary Media Arts that are an expression of current cultural movements in each region. Typically artworks evolve from the socio/cultural/political environment and provide an insight into cultural phenomena. We are looking for articles that explore current trends in the creative applications of technological development, the cultural contexts from which media art practice emerges, and cultural reactions to the practice and exhibition of media art.

The following are some guidelines indicating the structure, language and content of the articles we are seeking.

Articles should be;
• In English;
• Comprehensive and the result of thorough research;
• About a range of media artforms including hybrid practices;
• Focussed on particular artworks;
• About current practices;
• Providing commentary and analysis;
• Using plain language with minimal jargon;
• Describing the experience for the audience and could include specific audience responses and perspectives.

Articles should not be;
• Reviewing only one individual artist or artwork;
• An exhibition review or book review;
• About Media Arts in general;
• A comparison of practices in two or more regions;
• Presenting solely an historical focus, although some reference to previous New Media works may be required for commentary and comparison.

Contact Maria Rizzo for submissions, more information and for a copy of Experimenta’s writers’ style guide; maria@experimenta.org


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