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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Portraits of Jerry Springer talk show audience members by Melbourne media artist/vj, Emile Zile

The waiting room is almost full. Everyone here wants to be on television.
Springer Audiences 84-04 is an exhibition of portraits.
I am so fucking excited. Jerry is a dude.
Springer Audiences 84-04 is made with video stills.
Here we go. We are moving into the studio now.
Springer Audiences 84-04 is Hillbilly Love Triangle: Update
You can see me if I freeze-frame here. I am sitting next to the woman in red.

opening March 24 6pm - until April 15
hours: 3 - 6pm Wed - Fri. 12 - 6pm Sat

Kings ARI
Level 1/171 King St
Melbourne Vic 3000

a flyer: an interview: directions:


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